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Drink SoBeer

SoBeer Light

SoBeer Light

6-Pack | Non-Alcoholic Beer

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SoBeer Light is an American-style non-alcoholic light lager. Crisp, clean, and refreshing, SoBeer is only 30 Calories and 0.3% ABV. Here's to a taste of something better.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Corey Trudell
Crisp and refreshing!

The light beer version of SoBeer is very refreshing and crisp, with a smooth finish. I love the can design and that it fits well in my can coozie for easy handling! This is a great alternative to full alcohol beer and a way to still enjoy yourself while others are drinking around you!

Imagany Thomas
Great Taste!

I really enjoyed this product! It does taste very similar to an IPA rather than a light lager in my opinion but it is delicious. You get a citrus taste in there. Would recommend and will be repurchasing!

Emily Titus
Super yummy!!

Refreshing and light, mimics a true light lager well without the added calories, sugar and crap that come with an alcoholic lager. This is a home run.

Matt Becker

SoBeer Light

Scott D.
Totally Worth EVERY Penny

I actually bought these because I am a 3rd time mom. After this pregnancy i decided to minimize alcohol because i am breastfeeding. I ordered one of each of the drinks and I loved them. The flavor is light and refreshing. I get to enjoy these without feeling like a Debbie downer and saying I don’t drink alcohol.